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Hello, all!

As some of you may know, I enjoy writing letters to myself whenever I feel the need to reflect or regain balance. I usually do not share them, but today I’m going to share one with all of you. It has given me immense comfort this past year. I hope it helps you find some peace. It is about a single moment in time along the journey of life.

You can read it below:

Dearest Traveler,

Life is a journey upon which you will experience many highs and lows. You will feel the strength of mountains as they hold you high above the heads of others. The wind will whisper into your ears. When this happens, listen. Welcome the wind’s wisdom. These truths are yours to hear. In that moment, you will feel free but there will also be times when you will feel trapped. When this happens, remember not to fight the ocean. Though you are strong, you must not exercise it in this moment. Be humble and reflective as you give yourself to the tide. Allow the saltwater to cleanse you of your worries and say “thank you” once you have been released. The tide will return you feeling refreshed. However, recognize that you will not always feel this way. There are no easy paths. It is okay to be tired. Your feet will not fail you if your mind stays directed. You are getting stronger with every step and smarter with every observation. Yet, you will fall at times. When this happens, be kind to yourself. Accept the process of falling as the step before getting up. You have more to see, divine Traveler. Stand up when you are ready and give yourself time to reflect on the fall. Only then will you heal. Give yourself as much time and space as you need to do this. You deserve it. Keep moving when you are ready. This journey is uniquely yours. All will happen in divine timing.

In This Life & The Next,