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Welcome back to our series on Stepping Back! This is Part 2: The Work.

If you missed the first post, you can find it here.

I hope your journey has been fulfilling so far. If you’ve been consistent about stepping back from what you identified, you’ve noticed that every day comes with new challenges. Some days breeze by while others linger long into the night. This post is designed to help you get through those long night. Below you’ll find two techniques to help you process and continue making room for yourself to grow. I will update this post periodically to add new techniques. 

When in Doubt, Write It Out

Regardless of what you’re feeling, the blank page will never judge you. It gives you a safe space to express yourself. What you write doesn’t have to be ornate or polished, but it has to be true to you. Let your emotions run through you like a river, and let them all flow onto the page. Don’t think too much about where you’ll end up. You’ll reach a natural end point once you’ve expressed what you need to say. No prompts are needed here — just raw emotion. When you’re done, you don’t even have to keep what you wrote. You can burn it or give your thoughts a new form by polishing your work. What’s important is that you gave yourself the space to feel. Remember that it’s okay to be tired after this exercise. Writing can take a lot out of you, but it leaves room for growth. Think of writing like pulling the weeds from a garden. Pulling weeds takes time and energy but creates space for new life. Don’t let your garden overgrow; weed it often.

Become The Sky

I once read “the sky is still the sky without you.” This is true for you and what you’re releasing as well. On the hard days, look to the sky for wisdom. Recognize that it has existed both with and without you. Yet, it is majestic at all times. Find the sky within you. Recognize that you can exist without. You are beautiful in all forms even if you feel as empty as a cloudless day or as dark as a storm. Accept your feelings as clouds in your sky, then let them fly away. Repeat this recognition and visualization exercise as many times as needed. Your sky will eventually equalize.

I hope these techniques bring you some peace and that your journey continues to be enlightening. Keep putting in the work, and you’ll keep benefiting. All will come together when the timing is right. 

Thank you for reading!